VA Health Care Access    Ascertaining Your Wait Time


A new website is good news for veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs has started a website that will assist veterans seeking information on wait times as veterans facilities. Veterans will have an opportunity to pick and choose facilities to schedule an appointment.


     To access the information, go online to  and click on the box titled “Access and Quality in VA Healthcare.” The site provides information on:

·         How quickly can the VA facility see the individual.

·         How satisfied are veterans with the care at the facility.

·         How does the care at the VA facility compare to other hospitals in the area.

·         How is the VA system doing with access nationally.


     In the past getting care was a challenge. If it was a five-day wait, it was a five-day wait. Veterans can now access wait times on other facilities and more than likely see a doctor in a time frame that is convenient for the veteran. The website is also a step toward re-establishing some of the goodwill that had been lost. Veterans’ facilities had been criticized in recent years for what many considered inadequate treatment.


[Source:  | Forrest Sellers | May 10, 2017 with edits]

Yours in service,


Chuck Weber

Veterans Service Officer