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wayne shook archives



Through the years, Wayne Shook has made his own historical collection of nuclear weapons related memorabilia.  He has graciously offered to share the images of that collection.


U. S. Navy Carrier Patches

Cruise Books

Foreign Nuclear Weapons Patches

Hiroshima/Nagasaki Documents

Cigarette Lighters

Miscellaneous Patches


Naval Station Patches

W-Division and Weapons Dept. Patches

U. S. Navy Auxiliary Ship Patches

Nuclear Test Patches

U. S. Navy Cruiser Patches


Here is a biography of Wayne's military career:

Enlisted 1961, retired as GMTC in 1981. Shipboard service in CV43 Coral Sea (W-division), AS19 Proteus (Re-Entry Body shop), & TAK280 Furman Victory (Courier Duty). Shore duty at POMFPAC (Re-Entry Body Shop) in Bangor, WA, and both NAS North Island Weapons Dept. (Maneuver Pool Supervisor) and NWTGP (NWAM Instructor) in San Diego. Overseas duty at NavMag Guam (Assembly Shop) and NavSta Adak, AK (MAUW shop Sup.). Final tour was at NAS Moffett Field CA (ASW div LCPO).

And as a civilian, Wayne didn't slow down:

Post-Navy, went to school and got BSME, then spent 12 years at C. S.. Draper Labs in Cambridge, MA as a flight test engineer for Operational Tests of the MX, Minuteman III, and Trident II ICBMs. Then back to school for an MS in Quality Systems Engineering and spent the next 9 years years as an independent consultant designing and implementing Quality Systems for various industries seeking US or European Union certification. Finished with 6 years doing FDA Quality Investigations for a major drug manufacturer. Finally hung it all up in 2009. Just doing what I want to do for a change and just when I want to do it, since then. As Jimmy Buffet puts it, “There's been some of it magic, and some of it tragic, but it’s been a good ride all the way."







October 25, 2016


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