Navy Nuclear Weapons Association

"Keepers of the Dragon"

Membership in the Navy Nuclear Weapons Association is open to those individuals who meet the following criteria.  An application for membership can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

Active, retired or inactive members of the Navy and Marine Corps, Civil Service, and Support Contractors for the Department of the Navy who attached to:

  • The Navy Administrative Unit;

  • Navy Special Weapons Units #471, #802, or #1233; or

Any member of the Navy, Marine Corps, Navy Civil Service or Support Contractor who received basic or advanced training in the operational use, support, assembly, disassembly, maintenance, repair, calibration, inspection, loading or delivery of nuclear weapons; or

  • Was attached to

    • Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (AFSWP)

    • Defense Atomic Support Agency (DASA)

    • Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA)

    • Special Weapons Unit Atlantic/Pacific (SWULANT/SWUPAC)

    • Nuclear Weapons Training Command, Pacific (NWTCP) or Nuclear Weapons Training Command, Atlantic (NWTCL)

    • Nuclear Weapons Training Group, Pacific (NWTGPAC) or Nuclear Weapons Training Group, Atlantic (NWTGPLANT)

    • Weapons Training Group, Pacific (WTGPAC) or Weapons Training Group, Atlantic (WTGLANT) 

  • Attached to a naval command whose primary responsibility for Nuclear Weapons capability included:

    • Depot-level Maintenance, Repair, Storage, Intermediate-level Maintenance

    • Nuclear Safety

    • Nuclear Security

    • Personnel Reliability Program management

    • Specialized training in the field of nuclear weapons

Associate membership is available to those persons who do not qualify under the above eligibility requirements, but desire to associate with those members that have helped shape this free world of ours, "The Keepers of the Dragons".  Candidates for Associate membership must be recommended by a member in good standing of the Navy Nuclear Weapons Association.




July 10, 2014