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The Navy Nuclear Weapons Association  (NNWA) is a nationwide organization of military and civilian participants in the US Navy Department nuclear weapons program during the years 1946 to present. Many of our members meet annually in September or October at various locations across the US to reminisce with long-lost friends, provide support with veterans affairs and medical information, visit historical sites, enjoy quality entertainment in hospitable environs, and salute our departed. The NNWA invites you to join our society of cold-War “Keepers of the Dragon

We publish semi-annual newsletters with information concerning our unique experiences while in the Navy.  We are a not for profit corporation governed by a membership approved By-Laws, an SOP/PDL and an elected Board of Directors We maintain a NNWA roster of all members, their addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, so that you may find some long-lost shipmates.   


Gray Dragon

Mark your calendars

 NNWA's 2015 Reunion will be held October 11th - 16th in San Antonio, TX. Review of contracts is ongoing and when completed  hotel and tour information will be provided. The Reunion sign up sheet will be included in  the June 2015 newsletter.

5/1 - E-mailed members with e-mail addresses a monthly summary of web site activities.  If you are an active member with an e-mail address and didn't get the update, please e-mail me. Ray Margeson - Webmaster

The new Members Only Section contains:  On-line roster of members, business meeting minutes, memorabilia inventory and the reunion stocking guide.  Active members can get the password by e-mailing the Webmaster.


Website changes:

5/22 - Noted passing of the following:  GMTC Dick Clark, GMTCM John Munson, GMTC R.D. Riley, AOC Larry Stitt and GMTC Lloyd Wilson

5/21 - Noted passing of WT2 Ray A. Bouschor

5/20 - Added new member Ray A. Greer

5/19 - Added new member Nolan M. Workman, Jr.

5/15 - Noted passing of Life Member Patricia Catron - her husband Lou was our treasurer for almost 10 years and she was active at reunions

5/6 - Added new members Richard A. Perras, Denice R. Young and Mark Chandler

5/3 - Added new member Lance G. Steglin

4/25 - Published NAS Agana patch provided by Duane Schwartz -  go to Patches

Posted link to LT Rasmussen obituary

4/23 - Added new member Daniel I. Sutton

4/18 - Added new member Joseph A. Marasti

4/17 - Added new member Roger C. Martin

4/14 - Published NAS North Island Patch provided by John Repik -  go to Patches

4/13 - Published POMFLANT Patch provided by Sarah Weaver - go to Patches

4/10 - Added new member James P. Miller, Jr.

4/9 - Added new member Charles F. Jones

4/8 - Published 5 new items on the Patches page from John Hawkins (4 cups and a NAF Naha plaque.

4/4 - Published about 18 new Patches from John Hawkins and Tom Sharp

4/1 - E-mailed members with e-mail addresses a monthly summary of web site activities.  If you are an active member with an e-mail address and didn't get the update, please let me know.

3/30 - Added new members James E. Kinkel and Zachary Z. Zachary

3/24 - Added new member John C. Eisenberg

3/19 - Noted passing of SK2 Dennis Harvey and LT Anker Rasmussen (see Rasmussen obituary)

3/17 - Noted passing of GMGC John F. Hubbert  Jr

3/17 - Added new member George K. Cooper and reinstated member Gerald O. Terrell, Jr.

3/15 - Noted passing of EMC William E. Terry in late 2014

3/13 - Published patches provided by John Repik and Jim Hunt for the following ships, John F. Kennedy, Kearsarge, Intrepid, Randolph, Ticonderoga and Wasp.

3/10 - Posted a Help request for information about Gunner Ernest E. Queck

3/8 - Published 1990 and 1998 Roster in Members Only Section

3/7 - Published several older NNWA Bulletins and Meeting minutes in Members Only Section from the Historian's archives

3/2 - Added new member Gordon J. MacKinnon

3/1 - Added new member James E. Morrison

Service Officer Postings

 for the past six months - see Service Officer Postings for more postings

Changes in Agent Orange/Blue Water Considerations for VA Claims - 04/27/2015

New glasses for Retirees - 04/14/2015

VA seeks new law to change Veterans Choice rules - 03/27/2015

New paperwork: VA filing, appeals system changes begin Tuesday; advocates voice concerns - 03/24/2015

VA Changes Health Care Eligibility - 03/24/2015

Big Change In How Vets Have To File VA Claims - 03/19/2015

Senate Agent Orange/Blue Water Navy Bill Introduced -  03/15/2015

Retiree Appreciation Days - 02/18/2015

VA Spending by State - 02/18/2015

Full Month's Retired Pay Bill Introduced - 02/15/2015

New Tricare Pharmacy co-payments in effect - 02/04/2015

Commission calls for abolishing TRICARE - 01/31/2015

Flag Desecration Amendment Introduced - 01/16/2015

Concurrent Receipt Bills Introduced - 01/116/2015

TRICARE Helps with Resolutions - 01/13/2015

NEX Price Match Guarantee - 01/13/2015

FRA 2015 Survey on Military, Veterans Benefits still Open through end of January 2015 - 01/11/2015

Ask Congress to Make the “Doc Fix” Permanent  01/11/2015

How Veteran Scams Work - 01/03/2015

Obtaining additional copies of DFAS 1099-R 01/03/2015

TRICARE Nurse Advice Line - 01/03/2015

Vet Legislative Wins for 2014 - 01/03/2015

Navy Retired Activities Website - 01/03/2015

Retiree Appreciation Days - 01/03/2015

2015 VA Disability Compensation Rates - 01/03/2015

Possible VA Benefits Protection - 12/11/2014


Attention on Deck


We have added a new section - the Reading List - a list of books recommended by members of the NNWA that are related to the nuclear weapons program.  If you have a nuclear weapons related publication that you wish to have listed, please send the information to me.


Read about the earliest SWU!


See NWSU 802 Orders of March 1950


Read the whole story of Japan Under the Nuclear Umbrella


Need to check out the minutes of one of our business meetings - the last 16 meeting minutes are now available on-line


Check your dues status

Make sure you are up to date. Don't miss out any opportunities.


Seeking Help


The son of Fredrick R. Bickel is looking for information about his deceased father.


A shipmate of Gunner Ernest E. Queck is trying to get information about his career. Go to the Help section and respond if you can help him.


Looking for


Submit your request to locate someone who was in the Navy Nuclear Weapons Program by submitting to Webmaster

TAPS for those who were in the Navy Nuclear Weapons Program

EMC William E. Terry

    2014 3/15

GMGC John F. Hubbert,  Jr.

     17 March 2015 3/17

SK2 Dennis Harvey

      October 2014 3/18

LT Anker Rasmussen

    3 August 2013 3/18

See Obituary

WT2 Ray A. Bouschor

      25 August 2012 5/21

GMTC Richard Clark

      1988 5/22

       GMTCM John Munson 5/22

GMTC R. D. Riley

      1989 5/22

AOC Larry Stitt

    2008 5/22

GMTC Lloyd Wilson

      1986 5/22

TAPS for a spouse

The following spouse of a Navy's Nuclear Weapons Association member is deceased.

Patricia Catron

     17 November 2014 5/15

See Obituary






May 23, 2015

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