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The Navy Nuclear Weapons Association  (NNWA) is a nationwide organization of military and civilian participants in the US Navy Department nuclear weapons program during the years 1946 to present. Many of our members meet annually in September or October at various locations across the US to reminisce with long-lost friends, provide support with veterans affairs and medical information, visit historical sites, enjoy quality entertainment in hospitable environs, and salute our departed. The NNWA invites you to join our society of cold-War Keepers of the Dragon"

We publish semi-annual newsletters with information concerning our unique experiences while in the Navy. We are a not for profit corporation governed by a membership approved By-Laws, an SOP/PDL and an elected Board of Directors We maintain a NNWA roster of all members, their addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, so that you may find some long-lost shipmates. 



Gray Dragon

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The  Service Officer Postings are an invaluable source of information - check them out

The 2016 NNWA Reunion in Indianapolis, IN will be held September 11-16 with checkout on September 17th.

Members Only Section: Active members can get the password by e-mailing the Webmaster.

Website changes in last two months

4/24 - Noted passing of member Robert  M. Henderson

4/12 - Added new member John W. Killala

4/10 - Added new member William G. (Bill) Harrell

4/2 - Noted passing of GMTC James A. Griffin

3/31 - Reinstated member Larry Walls

3/29 - Published Military history/experiences of CDR William H. (Harry) Austin with intro by Michael Snyder

3/26 - Noted passing of GMT2 James J. Baird

3/25 - Added new member Jerald T. King

3/15 - Noted passing of GMTC John N. Gros

3/8 - Noted passing of GMT3 John Buczkowski

3/1 - Noted passing of LCDR Jerry Burrows

2/29 - Added new member Lee R. Bandy and reinstated member Stephen M. Bricault   

Service Officer Postings  for the past six months - see Service Officer Postings for more postings

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  Looking for

Bob Daigle would like to communicate with any of the guys from Nuclear Weaponsman Class NW1 in 1958 at Sandia Base

Seeking Help

Ray Graulich is trying to find out how he can get proof that he received hazardous duty pay while on USS Saratoga from '64 to '67. Click if you can help


TAPS for those who were in the Navy Nuclear Weapons Program

LCDR Jerry Burrows

     28 February 2016 3/1

GMT3 John Buczkowski

     03 March 2016 3/8

GMTC John Norman Gros

      5 January 2016 3/15

GMT2 James J. Baird

       23 March 2016 3/26

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GMTC James A. Griffin


     2 April 2014 4/2

Robert M. Henderson

     12 April 2015 4/24

TAPS for a spouse

The following spouse of a Navy's Nuclear Weapons Association member is deceased.







April 24, 2016

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